Image credit: Photo by Olivia Bauso on Unsplash

This week, I have been thinking a lot about trust. How the building of trust is a dance where one person takes a little, tentative step forward, and sometimes the other person responds with a little, tentative step forward. Step by step, this little dance continues until trust stands strong as the foundation of a relationship. This week has been about building trust with providers.

In Dare to Lead, writer and social researcher, Brene Brown, describes the Seven Elements of Trust. The second of those elements that is front and center for me this week is reliability. Reliability means “you do what you say you’ll do.” At VacCorps, we were asked to develop an onboarding process and we did. We were asked to offer volunteer background checks if providers needed them, and we did. We were asked to show up in many ways with our NC communities, and we did. Although it’s a slow process, this dance of trust—based on reliability—is one of my favorite parts of building relationships because it is tender and vulnerable and so often shows you the goodness in people.

The reliable processes we are creating, the conversations we are having, and the relationships we are building this week will soon yield important partnerships for VacCorps and for our volunteers. These partnerships will soon create the opportunities for placing volunteers in positions to support the vaccination efforts in NC so that together, we can control the COVID-19 pandemic faster.

Take care,

Cathrine (Founder and CEO, VacCorps)